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Are there any quiet washing machines?

are there any quiet washing machines
Washing Machines

If you have your washing machine in an open plan kitchen, you will be all too aware of how much of a pain in the neck they can be!

You may have spent all day at work and just need a few minutes of quiet to unwind before bed.

But instead, you are met with the monotonous drone of a washing machine.

A noisy washing machine might not be a big issue for people who keep their washing machine in a utility room, as the noise is kept away from the living area.

But if you do have it positioned in close proximity to the room you relax in, a noisy washer can ruin anything you’re trying to watch on TV and stop you being able to hear yourself think.

What’s more, if you have young children, a noisy washing machine is all it takes to ruin an entire night’s sleep!

Why are washing machines so noisy?

quiet washing machine with antivibrationTypically, the noise you will hear coming from your washing machine is being generated by its motor.

To combat this, many top-of-the-range washing machines are now being fitted with motors that have been specifically designed to run quieter.

There are also other developments like AntiVibration technology and sound insulation that are really helping to reduce the amount of sound being emitted by washing machines.

It’s also important to point our that where you position your washing machine will affect the amount of noise it emits too. Because if your washing machine doesn’t have enough space around it, it will vibrate against your kitchen units – which can be incredibly noisy!

What is a washing machines noise level?

The noise level of a washing machine is the average amount of noise it will emit throughout its cycle. This is usually measured in decibels.

We believe that anything under 55 decibels should be considered a quiet washing machine, as 55 decibels is said to be about the equivalent noise level of the sea and quieter than the average conversation in a restaurant.

To put this into perspective, we have put together a graphic that illustrates just how quiet 55 decibels is, using data from Industrial Noise Control.

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