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Extended Warranties at Herne Bay Domestics

We are now offering our customers the ability to extend the warranty on their purchased appliances. If there is any information you would like to know about an extended warranty which isn’t provided below, the full warranty terms and conditions are available to download at the bottom of this page. Otherwise, we are happy to discuss anything you would like to know over the phone on 01227 361536.

Here are the important facts that you need to know about an extended warranty.

How It Works

Here’s how extended warranties work at Herne Bay Domestics

Who is my extended warranty with?

The company that provides and administers your extended warranty is Retracare Limited. Tel: 01234 245 900 Email: Web:

What are the benefits of taking an extended warranty?

We are offering our customers Retracare’s Smartcare Gold Plan which includes Accidental Damage.
Your extended warranty protects the appliance against accidental damage* and mechanical or electrical breakdown throughout the manufacturer’s parts and labour warranty period, as well as the duration of your Care Plan period.

*Accidental Damage is the sudden unexpected and unintentional failure of your product caused by damage, (excluding liquid damage, fire damage or malicious damage) that prevents your product from meeting its designed function.

How does the claims procedure work?

It is important that you call the administrator on 01234 245900 if you wish to make a claim. Kindly submit as much information as possible to the administrator regarding what occurred.

This includes:
  • Your Care Plan number
  • Incident date
  • Details of the appliance and its fault
What is NOT protected?
  • Consumable or auxiliary items e.g., batteries, leads or any accessories or peripherals that were not included in the original purchase of the appliance.
  • Use of the appliance by anyone other than you or your immediate family living at the home.
  • Failure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for appliance maintenance.
  • An appliance used in a commercial setting or where the level of use exceeds that of normal domestic use.
  • An appliance that does not meet the current electrical or gas regulations in force at the time.
  • Costs not authorised by the administrator or its appointed engineers.
  • Faults relating to the installation of the appliance.
  • Deliberate damage or neglect of the appliance.
  • Rectifying maladjustment or incorrect configuration or setting of manual controls.
  • Damage caused by foreign objects or substances.
  • Faults known to you before the start of the cover under your Care Plan.
  • Any work which relates to a manufacturer recall.
  • Repairs to damage of a cosmetic nature caused by but not limited to denting, scratching, chipping, staining, and rust or corrosion.
  • Routine maintenance of the appliance supplies or service in your home.
  • Faults arising from the interruption, failure, disconnection, or power surge in the power supply to your home however caused or due to inadequate ventilation of the appliance.
  • Faults that occur as a result of normal wear and tear (e.g., belts, fuses, seals).
  • Total loss of use of the appliance due solely to the non-availability of replacement or substitute parts, in which case Retracare shall offer a replacement appliance or settlement based on an appliance of equivalent or similar specification.
  • Consequential loss of any type.

Can I change my mind?

We hope our customers are satisfied with their Care Plan. However, if the policy does not meet your requirements and you change your mind after reading it, please return the policy and policy confirmation to the administrator within 45 days of purchase.

We will arrange for the cancellation of your Care Plan and will issue you a complete refund, providing that no repairs or replacements have been logged against the Care Plan.

Can I get an extended warranty on an appliance I already purchased?

As long as you purchased the appliance through Herne Bay Domestics and it’s still under the manufacturer’s warranty, you can buy an extended warranty on most appliances. Give us a call on 01227 361536 to find out more details.

Download T&C’s

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