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Frost Free Freezers

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Your home will greatly benefit form the innovative technologies inside a Frost Free Freezer. These freezers are designed to automatically defrost themselves at set interval periods, saving you the hassle and effort. This is achieved by the Frost Free Freezers ability to systematically heat up its coils, melting the ice away into the ambient air.

That means:

  • No more crawling around the floor on your hands and knees with bowls of hot water.
  • An no more worrying about whether or not your frozen food is going to thaw out before you finish your defrost.

But the benefits of a Frost Free Freezer go even further beyond that.

Because, as your freezer is going to be free from ice, you’re going to have more storage space to keep your food in (where there would otherwise have been ice). This is great for special occasions when that extra storage space is a true god send.

The Frost Free Freezer is also going to prevent your food from getting damaged by “Freezer burn”, which is where food gets damaged by the ice.

Now, food with freezer burn may still be safe to eat, but it’s certainly not an enjoyable experience!

The texture and taste of your food can be severely damaged by freezer burn, which makes these Frost Free Freezers such an important addition to your home.

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