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Important information regarding Coronavirus (Covid-19)

(Latest update: 11/05/2020)

Herne Bay Domestics Store Update

Please note that in addition to the below, our phone lines will now only be managed Monday-Friday. We are running on skeleton staff, so will not be able to man the phones on Saturdays. But don’t worry, all enquiries or purchases made through the website over the weekend will still be dealt with promptly.

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on 23/03/2020, we have taken the difficult decision to close our store on the Herne Bay High Street. This is the first time in our history since our opening in 1984 that we have been forced to close our doors to the public. But as a member of the local community we must do as much as possible to halt the spread of this virus and protect vulnerable friends and relatives. Together we can beat this virus, if we all follow government advice.

Our website, phone lines, email, and delivery and repair services will remain fully operational throughout this difficult time. Whilst life will not go on as normal, appliances will continue to break down and need repairing or replacement! To make sure we can continue to offer this essential service, our delivery and repair teams are still in operation. See the update on our delivery service for how we have changed the delivery procedure to make it safer for our staff and for you. At the same time, our office and shop staff will continue to be available by phone or email to answer any questions you may have and to schedule repairs/deliveries. Go on our website to find detailed information about lots of products. You can purchase and order appliances, and schedule repair visits, from our website too.

Update on our delivery service

In reaction to the coronavirus pandemic, we have changed our delivery procedure slightly to ensure the safety of our staff and all customers.

All customers will be asked 2 questions before delivery:

  1. Are you self-isolating as a result of potential coronavirus contact or showing symptoms?
  2. Have you returned from an area abroad in the last 14 days at particular risk of the coronavirus, leading to UK government advice that you should self-isolate after this visit?

If your answer to either of these questions is yes, our delivery team will still deliver to you, but to your door ONLY. We will ring the doorbell or knock and stand at least 2 metres from your door whilst waiting for you to accept the delivery.

For all other deliveries:

  • Customers must stay at least 2 metres away from our staff at all times.
  • If possible, we would ask that customers stay in a different room whilst we are installing or repairing an appliance.
  • If you would prefer us to not enter the house and to leave the appliance outside, we can of course do that.

We’re taking the coronavirus seriously

We have taken a number of important measures to protect our staff and customers from the coronavirus threat:

  • We have changed our delivery procedure as above.
  • ‘Social distancing’ is being practiced by all our staff in and out of work.
  • All delivery and repair vans are equipped with alcoholic anti-bacterial hand gel. This will be used by every staff member before and after every single job they go to.
  • We continue to thoroughly sanitise the office, vans and stockroom throughout each and every day. We recently employed our cleaner, Anita, to come in more regularly and do just that.
  • ‘At risk’ staff will be working from home to protect their health. 
  • If any staff show the slightest symptoms they will of course not be allowed into work and will self-isolate at home.