We're following all safety guidelines in-store and online! Learn more.

Important information regarding Coronavirus (Covid-19)

(Latest update: 17/06/2020)

Herne Bay Domestics Store Re-opened!

We’ve really missed you and we’re excited to say that the store is finally open again. We have rigorously applied government guidelines in-store and appropriate safety measures have been implemented to protect both our customers and our staff. The safety measures we’ve implemented include:

  • Hand sanitiser for all customers when arriving and leaving the shop.
  • A one-way system indicated by floor signs.
  • Floor-signs to indicate socially-distanced queuing.
  • Sneeze screen surrounding the desk.
  • All shop staff will wear masks if they move from behind the screen to help demonstrate an appliance.
  • A maximum on the number of customers allowed in at one time.

Our delivery service

In reaction to the coronavirus pandemic, we have changed our delivery procedure slightly to ensure the safety of our staff and all customers.

All customers will be asked 2 questions before delivery:

  1. Are you self-isolating as a result of potential coronavirus contact or showing symptoms?
  2. Have you returned from an area abroad in the last 14 days, leading to UK government advice that you should self-isolate after this visit?

If your answer to either of these questions is yes, our delivery team will still deliver to you, but to your door ONLY. We will ring the doorbell or knock and stand at least 2 metres from your door whilst waiting for you to accept the delivery.

For all other deliveries:

  • Customers must stay at least 2 metres away from our staff at all times.
  • If possible, customers must stay in a different room whilst we are installing or repairing an appliance.
  • If you would prefer us to not enter the house and to leave the appliance outside, we can of course do that.

Additional coronavirus measures to protect our staff

We have taken a number of important measures to protect our staff and customers from the coronavirus threat:

  • We have changed our delivery procedure as above.
  • ‘Social distancing’ is being practiced by all our staff in and out of work.
  • All delivery and repair vans are equipped with alcoholic anti-bacterial hand gel. This will be used by every staff member before and after every single job they go to.
  • We continue to thoroughly sanitise the office, vans and stockroom throughout each and every day. We recently employed our cleaner, Anita, to come in more regularly and do just that.
  • ‘At risk’ staff will be working from home to protect their health. 
  • If any staff show the slightest symptoms they will of course not be allowed into work and will self-isolate at home.