New Energy Ratings For Appliances 2021

Energy efficiency is becoming more and more relevant in today’s society and is an important factor for consumers when it comes to the consideration around purchasing new appliances.

Energy labels haven’t always been the clearest. The ever so common A+, A++ and A+++ displayed on a vast majority of our domestic appliances since 2011 derived from significant improvements in energy saving technology, meaning that most new products at the time were given top ratings for efficiency. However, as we’ve evolved, these labels no longer offer consumers a true indication of just how eco-friendly our household appliances are. Therefore, with the consumer in mind, the government has come up with a criteria that is more realistic, causing less confusion around just how energy efficient an appliance is.

What’s Changed?

Energy performance is now spread across a much wider scale running from A-G, setting new standards for energy saving appliances. Under the new energy rating scale; as a ballpark estimate, products that were once classified as A+++ are now likely to be rated as B/C, A++ as D/E and A+ as F/G. A QR code will be displayed on each energy label, allowing you to instantly retrieve further product information based around the appliance’s specific energy rating.

Even though ratings may seem quite low, household appliances haven’t become any less efficient, they are just now rated differently, making it harder for appliances to now be rated as A or B. This stringent rating system will help avoid changes with scale ratings in the near future and will hopefully drive brands to become more eco efficient than ever before.