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See Who’s At The Door Before You Open It

Now more than ever we need to be cautious as to who we open the door to, and with the Ring Doorbell, you can see who it is, ask what they want and even tell them what to do without ever opening your front door!

The built in video camera, microphone and speaker allow you to easily communicate with anyone at your door from wherever you are.

And because the Ring Doorbell has a built in motion sensor, you can even get alerted if somebody comes near your home and take a look at the live video feed to see what’s going on – which is a great way to help prevent your home getting damaged or burgled.

You can also access your Ring Doorbell from multiple devices, allowing every family member to monitor the front of your home from their mobile phones.

Never Miss Another Parcel

We’ve all been there – you find a great deal online and you’re super excited to get it through, only to find a “sorry we missed you” note hanging out the letter box from the 2 seconds you weren’t waiting by the door! Now you’ve either got to wait 24 hours before you can go out and pick it up yourself, or visit your neighbour to get your parcel back!

Well not anymore, because with the Ring Doorbell, you can talk to the delivery man and tell him exactly what to do. Whether that’s “hold on I’m coming” or “leave it by the front door” – whatever best suits you.

Order Now & We’ll Deliver Free (and we can let you know when we’re coming too)

Order your Ring Doorbell from us today and we’ll deliver it direct to your home completely free.

Plus we can call you half an hour before we’re set to arrive to ensure you don’t miss it too – Just let us know you want the service in the delivery notes when you get through to the checkout (it’s also free).

Have A Question?

If you have any questions about the Ring Doorbell, give our friendly team a call now on 01227 361536.