Samsung RS50N3513SL American Style Fridge Freezer – Stainless Steel Effect

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With an impressive 501 Litre total capacity, the Samsung RS50N3513SL is a great size for any family, or even just those who love to host. With its sleek, stainless steel design, and a great variety of innovative features, this frost-free American Style fridge freezer is a bargain. Its 5 year warranty from Herne Bay Domestics means you can rest easy, and enjoy this great product.

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Plenty of Space

Not only does the Samsung RS50N3513SL have a total usable capacity of 501 litres, but the interior layout is very cleverly designed. The fridge compartment contains:

  • Five spill-proof glass shelves
  • Four door balconies
  • Two salad bins

The freezer also has two drawers.

Frost-Free Freezer

The Total No Frost function is an excellent addition to the Samsung RS50N3513SL. It ensures you never have to manually defrost your freezer again, and saves you a world of trouble and time. It works by circulating air flow to maintain a constant temperature from the front to back of the fridge freezer, thus preventing ice crystals from forming.

Energy Efficient

The Samsung RS50N3513SL’s A+ energy rating means this is an appliance good for both you and the planet, keeping your energy bills low. The Samsung RS50N3513SL also benefits from a Digital Inverter Compressor, which regulates the fridge freezer’s power usage. This model does not stop and start like other compressors, allowing for a much quieter appliance, which also saves energy.

Plumbed Water and Ice Dispenser

Another one of the Samsung RS50N3513SL’s great features is its plumbed water and ice dispenser. Perfect for those hot summer months, or anytime you’re in a rush, this fridge freezer can give you chilled water and ice in a moment. It provides both ice cubes and crushed ice. The Samsung RS50N3513SL also comes equipped with an LED light, great for a late-night snack.

Fresh Food

The Samsung RS50N3513SL uses some innovative features to keep your food tasting great days after purchase. The All Around Cooling system ensures that air is continually circled throughout the fridge freezer, keeping all your produce chilled at an even temperature. This high quality is continued in the freezer, where Samsung’s Power Freeze technology freezes your food rapidly. This means that when it is defrosted or heated up it preserves its fresh taste to a much higher standard.

Additional information

Weight 103 kg
Dimensions W 912 × H 1789 × D 734 mm



Stainless Steel

Capacity - Fridge

357 Litres

Capacity - Freezer

144 Litres



Water Dispenser


Frost Free


Noise Level

43 dB

Annual energy consumption

409 kWh

Energy Rating




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