Samsung RS67N8210S9 American Style Fridge Freezer – Matt Stainless

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The Samsung RS67N8210S9 is an excellent option for busy families or any large household. With an incredible 609 litres of space, and a Twin Cooling Plus system designed to keep your food in its best condition, this American Style Fridge Freezer won’t let you down.

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Great Space

Not only does the Samsung RS67N8210S9 have a total usable capacity of 609 litres, but the interior layout is very cleverly designed, and with an LED light to help you find whatever you need. The SpaceMax design ensures you get the most space possible out of your fridge freezer. The fridge compartment contains:

  • Four spill-proof glass shelves
  • Five door balconies
  • Two salad bins
  • One wire shelf

The freezer also has two clear drawers, and a top four-star rating, meaning food can be safely stored for up to 12 months. Being totally frost free, the Samsung RS67N8210S9 is also an excellent option for busy families. It completely eliminates the hassle of having to manually defrost your freezer, which can be incredibly time-consuming.

Another great addition to this fridge freezer is the plumbed ice and water dispenser, perfect for the warmer months. It can give you fresh chilled water and crushed or cubed ice in a second.

Fantastic Features

The Samsung RS67N8210S9 comes with a range of features to ensure that your food is kept in its best possible state, while saving you as much money as possible. Firstly, Samsung’s Twin Cooling Plus ensures that the optimum humidity levels are maintained throughout the fridge freezer. This preserves the quality of your food and preventing any contamination of odours.

Advanced insulation keeps the fridge freezer’s temperature at a constant. Even better, the Precise Chef Cooling system works to keep your food in its optimum condition as long as possible. Furthermore, the Samsung RS67N8210S9 also benefits from a Digital Inverter Compressor, which regulates the fridge freezer’s power usage. This model does not stop and start like other compressors, allowing for a much quieter appliance, which also saves energy.

Minimalist Design

The Samsung RS67N8210S9 is designed perfectly to fit seamlessly into any kitchen. With flat doors, a sleek design and hidden controls, this fridge freezer is certain to be a match in any household. The Samsung RS67N8210S9 is so efficient in its space-saving design that even the bulkiest of items can fit into a fridge freezer that looks incredibly sleek and simple.

Additional information

Weight 118 kg
Dimensions W 912 × H 1780 × D 716 mm



Matte Stainless

Capacity - Fridge

407 Litres

Capacity - Freezer

202 Litres

Energy Rating


Frost Free


Noise Level

39 dB