Bosch BCS612GB Unlimited Serie 6 Cordless Cleaner – 30 Minute Run Time

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The Bosch BBS612GB cordless vacuum cleaner is a great option if you want bagless technology and a vacuum cleaner that can clean any floor surface. It also comes with a second replacement battery, extending the runtime by a further 30 minutes!

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A super effective tool to make your life easier!

The Bosch BBS612GB literally makes light work of your vacuuming. The compact design of this cordless cleaner and its low weight make it an ideal choice for easier vacuuming. Added to this, the tools it comes with offer great versatility, enabling the Bosch BBS612GB to clean every surface effectively, whether your carpet, your hardwood floor, the tops of shelves, the boot of your car or even your tables! This vacuum cleaner can do it all!


TheBosch BBS612GB Unlimited Serie 6 Cordless Cleaner is made in a factory in Germany with more than 80 years of experience of manufacturing vacuum cleaners. Their vacuum cleaners have won many consumer awards and undergo rigorous testing in the development phase to ensure that you end up with a quality product that won’t let you down!

Extended run-time thanks to the inclusion of a second battery pack, compatible with many other Bosch products

The Bosch BBS612GB comes with a second exchangeable battery pack so if you want to continue vacuuming beyond the 30 minutes it is possible to exchange the battery. Not only this, but the battery pack is one of the exchangeable Power for ALL batteries which are a part of the 18-Volt Bosch Home & Garden cordless system (green product line). They are compatible with many different power tools & gardening devices from Bosch.

The latest brushless motor technology

Importantly, the Bosch BBS612GB also delivers the latest brushless motor technology, ensuring a powerful motor, and efficient, effective cleaning of all floor surfaces and more, ensuring that not only is this vacuum cleaner easy to use, it also gets the job done perfectly every time!


The Bosch BBS612GB Unlimited Serie 6 offers all the benefits of the BBS611GB but the second exchangeable battery pack gives you the ability to double the length of the runtime!

Additional information

Weight 2.4 kg
Dimensions W 200 × H 1200 × D 265 mm



300 ml

Cord Length



Black, White


1 yr battery, 2yrs