Dyson V7TRIGGER Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner


At just 1.71 kg, the Dyson V7TRIGGER is the perfect solution to the handheld vacuum. With the strongest suction of any handheld vacuum cleaner, and an impressive 31 minute runtime, you can’t go wrong with this Dyson device.

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    Strong Suction

    The Dyson V7TRIGGER benefits from the incredibly powerful Dyson V7 digital motor, which spins up to 110,000 rpm. This works with the two-tier radial cyclone technology, which uses 15 small cyclones to create powerful, centrifugal forces.

    This vacuum cleaner comes with two different settings, meaning you can be sure to target the dirt in your home exactly as you need. The Powerful mode gives you 30 minutes of strong suction, ideal for your daily clean-up. However, when facing the toughest of marks, you may want to use the Max mode, which gives you 6 minutes of very high intensity suction.

    Flexible Use

    One of the great advantages of a hand held vacuum cleaner is that you can use it absolutely anywhere, whether that be your car, your furniture, or in high-up corners. In fact, the Dyson V7TRIGGER comes with some handy tools, which give you optimum suitability whatever your problem. These are:

    • Crevice Tool: Adapted for precise cleaning around edges and narrow gaps.
    • Mini Motorised Head: Perfect for cleaning mattresses or removing dirt and hair in tight spaces.
    • Combination Tool: Perfect for changing between different surfaces, the two tools in one design makes vacuuming simpler than ever before.

    Handy Features

    This device has an impressive charge-up time of just three and a half hours, and with the Dyson V7TRIGGER’s LED display you can easily keep track of its progress. This quick charge is a result of the vacuum cleaner’s nickel manganese cobalt battery.

    With easy access conical filters, and a hygienic bin emptying feature that ensures you never come into contact with the dirt, this hand held cleaner is a breeze to maintain. Its iron and sprayed nickel design is attractive and modern, and will fit seamlessly into any modern household.

    This vacuum cleaner definitely has something for everyone. It’s a great option for anyone wanting to save themselves time and hassle in their daily routine.

    Additional information

    Weight 1.71 kg
    Dimensions W 131 × H 206 × D 316 mm



    540 ml


    Iron, Red, Sprayed Nickel

    Cord Length



    21.6 V



    Key Points

    • Light-weight
    • Extra strong suction
    • 31 minute runtime