Dyson V8ANIMAL Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


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The Dyson V8ANIMAL is a great option offering 40 minutes of cordless vacuuming, powerfully suctioning up dirt, dust and animal hairs while expelling clean air into your house. If you have pets this is a must for you!

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    Ultimate Vacuuming Power

    The Dyson V8ANIMAL has amazing suction thanks to Dyson’s digital V8 motor which drives it, giving it greater power than its predecessor. The direct-drive cleaning head features stiff nylon bristles, perfect for getting into carpet pile to remove embedded pet hairs and dust. The vacuum cleaner is effective on a range of surfaces including:

    • carpet
    • laminate
    • wood
    • tiles
    • stone

    Eight Tools Bring Versatility!

    The Dyson V8ANIMAL comes with an amazing eight different tools, providing you with the means to tackle a whole range of surfaces. The Stubborn Dirt Brush Tool and the Mini Motorhead Tool come in handy for those areas, such as sofas where your pet likes to curl up, which need a bit more work. The Crevice Tool is useful for getting into those corners and tight spots, and the Mini Soft Dusting Brush is great for getting the dust off shelves or around window frames.

    So Easy to Use!

    The Dyson V8ANIMAL is a lightweight, cordless, bagless vacuum cleaner which means you can move it around with ease, enabling you to reach into high places like the corners of ceilings where cobwebs gather and move up and down the stairs without tripping over cords or having to plug and unplug. Furthermore it is ideal for cleaning the car with the smaller tools making it perfect for getting into the footwells and under the seats. When you’ve finished vacuuming there’s no need to come into contact with the dirt, you just pull the lever to drop the waste into the bin!

    The Dyson V8ANIMAL is the perfect cordless vacuum cleaner for all you pet lovers out there who need some extra power to keep your homes clean!

    Additional information

    Weight 2.61 kg
    Dimensions W 250 × H 1243 × D 210 mm


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    Grey, Silver