Dyson AM09 Hot And Cool Fan


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The Best of Both Worlds

With the Dyson AM09, stay toasty in the winter and cool in the summer. Thanks to Jet focus technology, focused mode directs a strong airflow for long-range heating or cooling. To guide the stream where it is needed, a focus ramp accelerates air via a 2.5 mm aperture.

With the swift and equal air circulation that diffuse mode offers for the entire space, you may be comfortable wherever you sit. Additionally, while using this option, air is emitted from a second aperture and the two jets are steered at a 45-degree angle to meet, providing an incredibly wide cooling or heating projection.

With the intelligent thermostat keeping an eye on your surroundings and maintaining the temperature you’ve selected, you don’t have to worry about overheating, freezing, or wasting energy.

No issues, no blades

Many useful advantages can be obtained with a fan without blades. With Air Multiplier™ technology, ambient air may be amplified up to 15 times, providing consistent, even airflow. The AM09 is easy to clean and safe for any young children playing nearby because to its gentle touch control, lack of whirling blades, visible heating elements, and safety grill.

Although its low centre of gravity keeps it steady, it automatically shuts off in the unlikely event that it tips over. Excellent oscillation will also be provided, allowing you to treat every nook and cranny of your space.

With streamlined air channels for less turbulence and a 75% quieter output than the previous generation, this Hot + Cool fan heater has earned a Quiet Mark certificate for better sound quality. The brushless DC motor minimises wear and tear while being strong and energy-efficient.

Better Technology

The Dyson AM09 is equipped with an array of innovative technologies. The motor bucket’s acoustically designed bucket has been adjusted to lessen vibrations, and the PTC ceramic plates heat the air as it is thrust without burning dust.

While the mixed flow impeller enhances acoustics, the aerodynamic diffuser divides the airflow into controlled pathways to make it get to the loop more efficiently. You may position the fan heater wherever you choose and still get fantastic results because the air intake has been adjusted to suck in air from all directions.

Remain in Charge

Explore further choices with the AM09. To fit your needs and space, select from 10 speed settings and temperatures between 0 and 37°C. Additionally, you may see the temperature, power, and oscillation on the LED display and change them with the remote control whenever you’d like.

Even better, the remote is magnetised, allowing you to neatly put it on the fan heater. Because of its lightweight construction, you can easily move it around your house and set it up on a desk, a cabinet, or the floor. You can direct airflow to where you need it most with the pivoting touch-tilt option. Furthermore, this fan is made to improve your quality of sleep. Set the sleep timer to shut off after a predetermined amount of time, ranging from fifteen minutes to nine hours.


Weight 2.68 kg
Dimensions H 595 × W 153 × D 113 mm




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Hot & Cold


2 years

2 years parts and labour
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Hot & Cool Fans

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Key Points

  • Stay in Control
  • Jet focus technology
  • PTC ceramic plates