Dyson HP04 Purifier 3 in 1- Silver, White


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This incredibly efficient Dyson HP04 combines three appliances into one, saving you a great deal of storage space. The purifier ensures that you enjoy perfectly clean hair, whilst the hot&cold fan keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

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Dyson Purifier

The Dyson HP04 constantly cleans the air around you, by detecting, reporting and capturing pollutants. An activated carbon filter removes gases such as nitrogen dioxide, whilst a HEPA filter removes 99.95% of ultra fine particles, such as allergens and bacteria. This means that, whether you live in a polluted area or are simply more sensitive to pollen, you will breathe easy with the Dyson HP04.

Dyson’s Air Multiplier Technology and an adjustable oscillation angle of between 45 and 350 degrees means that clean air is projected around the room. Incredibly, the Dyson HP04 pumps out over 290 litres of smooth, purified air every second.

Unsurprisingly, this model has been certified by the Allergy Standards Ltd as being asthma and allergy friendly.

Hot & Cold Fan

This Dyson appliance combines the capabilities of a heater and a cooler into just one unit. With far-reaching and adjustable projection, it will warm up, or cool down, the room in no time.

Simple-to-use thermostat control ensures that the Dyson HP04 is efficient, too. Once the room reaches your desired temperature which you have set, the heater will automatically switch off to save energy. However, if it starts to get cold, the heater will sense the drop in temperature and reactivate.

Sleep timer

Take advantage of a whole host of options on this model. A specific night-time mode doesn’t disturb the quality of your sleep, by running quietly and dimming the display. What’s more, you can use the sleep timer to programme your machine to turn off after a pre-set time, ranging from 15 minutes to 9 hours.

Even without using this mode, it is highly unlikely that you will even notice the Dyson HP04 in action. That is because it has Quiet Mark accreditation for improved sound and quality.

A whole host of other adjustable options exist. You can choose from ten speed settings, to make sure that you find the right power level for you. Meanwhile auto mode can be used for automatic pollutant removal and temperature maintenance, whilst diffused mode will activate purification without cooling or heating.


Always stay in control with its remote-control, which comes included and can be stored on top of the purifier. Alternatively, try out voice commands through a compatible voice service, or use the Dyson Link app for simple monitoring on a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled device. This will allow you to change settings remotely, whilst telling you about your air quality and the appliance’s filter life. The integrated LCD screen will even show you what particles and gases it has detected, as well as the temperature of your room.

Additional information

Weight 4.98 kg
Dimensions W 248 × H 764 × D 248 mm



Silver, White

Cord Length

1.8 Metres

Fan Design


Fan Type

Hot & Cold, Purifier


40 W



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