AEG ABE682F1NF Frost Free Built Under Freezer

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The AEG ABE682F1NF is one of the best built under freezers on the market. It is integrated, so your kitchen door can be fitted to the front of the appliance to give that seamless look. Despite fitting in snugly, this fridge has great storage options and an excellent energy efficiency rating.

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Spacious Integrated freezer

The AEG ABE682F1NF is a built under freezer. Being integrated, you can fit your matching kitchen door on the front to give the room a seamless look.

Despite being integrated, this freezer still has great storage options. It has a net capacity of 85 litres, so can fit in lots of your weekly shop. The freezer contains 3 full-width transparent doors, so you can see your food at a glance.

Efficient and quiet fridge

Be kind to both your wallet and the environment with the AEG ABE682F1NF. With an A+ energy rating, this freezer is one of the most efficient on the market. What’s more, the noise level of just 43dB is so quiet that you will never be disturbed by it in operation.

Perhaps best of all, the AEG ABE682F1NF uses no frost technology, keeping your freezer entirely ice-free.

Freshness guaranteed

The AEG ABE682F1NF makes it much easier to keep your food fresh. To start, there’s no chance of your door being accidentally left open. There is a self-closing door device, and an acoustic alarm sounds when the freezer is left open for too long.

The electronic temperature control prevents fluctuations which could be harmful to your food. What’s more, a Fast Freeze function activates the maximum freezing power, so your fresh produce freezes as quickly as possible. The freezer will then return itself to normal temperature.

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Dimensions W 596 × H 815 × D 550 mm





85 Litres

Energy Rating


Frost Free


Noise Level

43 dB