Bosch HMT84M461B 25 Litre Solo Microwave – Black

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This Bosch microwave comes in a sleek black design and has 5 power levels ranging from 90 W to 900 W. The 99 minute timer and large LED display make microwaving that bit easier, whilst its capacious 25 litre capacity means that you won’t struggle to fit dishes in there.

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Great Size

The Bosch HMT84M461B is a well-sized microwave at 25 litres, with a 31.5 cm turntable. This makes it a good option for the majority of households, and its sleek black design will ensure it slots right in to your kitchen’s decor.

Easy Programmes

With Bosch’s AutoPilot 7, all the hassle is taken out of preparing your food. There are three auto-cook and four defrost programmes to choose from, so there’s certainly an option for every occasion. The defrost programmes are the perfect way to have safely and hygienically defrosted food each time.

To use this auto-cook function, all you have to do is enter your food type and weight. Your microwave will figure out the rest!

As well as these clever programmes, this microwave has 5 power settings to choose from. The maximum power is 900 w.

Handy Controls

A retractable dial is the first feature that makes the Bosch HMT84M461B easy to use. Select the precise setting you want with ease, and have them displayed on the large digital display.

An internal light helps you to keep track on your food’s progress while it’s in the appliance, whilst a timer that stretches up to 99 minutes means you can confidently leave your dish to cook by itself without any worry.

Whatever setting you choose, it will be automatically remembered for the next time, so you can quickly replicate a dish whenever you need.

The Bosch HMT84M461B is a well-equipped microwave, and a great addition to any kitchen. You can also rest easy thanks to a 2 year warranty.

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Weight 17 kg
Dimensions W 513 × H 305 × D 408 mm



25 Litres



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