Belling BI902FPBLK Built In Electric Double Oven – Black

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With a revamped black design and sleek LED display, the Belling BI902FPBLK is sure to look good in your kitchen. With a usable capacity of 110 litres, it suits any family with the space for a double oven, whilst a range of features ensure top cooking performance.

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Spacious double oven

If you have space in your kitchen, a double oven gives you lots more options. The Belling BI902FPBLK is no exception, with usable capacities of 72 litres for the main oven, and 38 litres for the secondary oven.

Both cavities have 2 oven shelves each, whilst the main oven comes with 5 different possible shelf positions.

Lots of useful programmes

Each cavity in the Belling BI902FPBLK has five different cooking functions to choose from.

In the fan-assisted main oven, you can choose from:

  • Fan oven
  • Slow cook
  • Defrost
  • Bread proving
  • Light only

The smaller cavity is a conventional oven with grill. You can choose from:

  • Conventional oven
  • Variable power electric grill
  • Variable power dual circuit electric grill
  • Slow cook
  • Light only

What’s more, the oven has an Equiflow system which ensures the even distribution of heat across your food.

Useful features

The Belling BI902FPBLK features a fully programmable timer, making it easier to time your dishes to perfection. This timer also allows you to set a reminder for when your food is finished. A sleek LED digital display and non-retractable dials make operating this timer easy, too.

With enamel liners on the side and back of the oven, cleaning is hassle-free. You can even remove both of the soft-close doors to give them a proper scrub.

Additional information

Weight 52.9 kg
Dimensions W 595 × H 885 × D 575 mm





110 Litres



Energy Rating


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Oven Cleaning System

Easy Clean Enamel