Neff N50 B1ACE4HN0B CircoTherm® Built In Single Electric Oven – Black & Stainless Steel


The Neff B1ACE4HN0B is a great single oven, with an impressive variety of cooking programmes. Its smart, black and silver design ensures it will fit into any kitchen, especially as this is a built-in model.

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The Neff B1ACE4HN0B makes great use of the CircoTherm® system. This is a system that circulates air evenly throughout the oven, making sure that your food is cooked evenly throughout. It also allows you to cook or bake consistently across three separate levels.

The gentle and intense variations of the CircoTherm® system are equally impressive. The former is great for food or baking that needs a softer heat, and works by cooking in stages, utilising residual heat. The latter allows the Neff B1ACE4HN0B to cook food very quickly, for when you’re tight on time.

Heating Methods

Along with the CircoTherm® systems, the Neff B1ACE4HN0B has a further 3, creating a total of 6 different heating methods. These are:

  • CircoTherm®
  • Top/bottom heat
  • Hot air grilling
  • Full surface grill
  • CircoTherm® intensive
  • CircoTherm® gentle

The variety of these methods ensures that the Neff B1ACE4HN0B is able to tackle any situation, whether you need a slow, even bake on a cake, or to quickly crisp up some bacon.

Easy Clean

The Neff B1ACE4HN0B is a great, no-hassle option thanks to its hydrolytic EasyClean® cleaning aid function. This works by evaporating soapy water and using it to loosen dirt, making it far easier to clean. This works alongside the EasyClean ceramic lining, which absorbs and burns off grease while cooking, and the removable glass door.

Adaptable Design

With its 71 litre capacity and two shelves, the Neff B1ACE4HN0B is surprisingly easy to adjust. The clip-on, telescopic rails can be used on any of the shelves, all of which can smoothly glide out. The LCD digital display is easy to use, and can be locked if you have young children about.

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Weight 32.31 kg
Dimensions W 594 × H 595 × D 548 mm




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Main Cavity Capacity

71 Litres

Oven Cleaning System

Enamel Lining, Hydrolytic, EasyClean function

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