Siemens HB535A0S0B Built In Single Electric Oven – Black & Stainless Steel


The Siemens HB535A0S0B is a sleek, yet incredibly functional addition to the modern home. Its design combines a smooth black exterior with impressive cooking functions such as the CookControl 30 and the fast preheat.

Key Feature:

activeClean® – Thanks to the activeClean® function, your oven now cleans itself. Simply remove any loose remnants and the oven does the rest: at the touch of a button, all deposits from baking, roasting and grilling are turned to ash at high temperature. Use a damp cloth to wipe up what remains.

EcoClean Direct – The energy-saving cleaning aid, makes oven cleaning easy. A special coating of microfine ceramic spheres on the interior oven walls and roof breaks down grease spatters while you bake or roast – for the entire service life of the appliance. Saving you time and energy.

Optional extras


Superior Cooking

One of the most standout features of the Siemens HB535A0S0B is the CookControl 30. All you need to do is place the dish in the oven, input the weight and cooking preference, and your oven will do the rest for you. This function has 30 different programmes, meaning you can cook a vast variety of dishes perfectly. Not only does this guaranty great results every time, but also ensures you never use more energy than necessary.

3D hotAir Plus is an excellent addition for those who love to cook big meals, or do lots of baking, at once. Thanks to a fan at the back of the oven, heat is distributed evenly and constantly throughout all three shelves of the oven. This means you can cook multiple dishes at once, or three different trays of cookies at the same time.

Speedy Results

The Siemens HB535A0S0B has the option for Fast Preheating. This is a clever function that activates many heating elements at once, so your oven heats up much faster than normal. You no longer have to waste your time waiting for your oven to slowly reach its temperature, and can have your food ready to go much sooner.

CoolStart is a similar function, which means you don’t have to wait for your oven to heat up when cooking from frozen. This is yet another way the HB578A0S0B saves you time and effort. You can put your food straight into the oven and not worry about it again until your timer is up.

Quick Cleaning

ActiveClean is an automatic cleaning system that takes the hassle out of clearing up after your cooking. This is an incredibly efficient way to remove your oven of dirt and debris. With just the touch of a button, this oven turns the temperature incredibly high, turning any leftover deposits to ash. These can be easily removed with a cloth.

Handy Extras

The HB535A0S0B is suitable for everyone, and thanks to the Sabbath mode cooking everyday is made even easier. For 73 hours, the oven can maintain a temperature 85° C and 140° C, meaning you can heat up food without breaking any religious laws.

Thanks to VarioClip rails, you can set your oven up however is easiest. The telescopic rails can be set at any height, making this an incredibly flexible model.

The lightControl function lights up the chosen heating symbol with a stylish blue light. Not only does this make your cooking experience slightly easier, but also adds an exciting interactive element.


Additional information

Weight 34.160 kg
Dimensions W 594 × H 595 × D 548 mm



Black, Stainless Steel

Main Oven Type


Fuel Type




Main Cavity Capacity

71 Litres

Oven Cleaning System

ActiveClean, Catalytic Lining, EcoClean

Oven Functions

3D Hotair

Energy Rating




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