AEG T8DSC869C 8000 Series Heat Pump A+++ Tumble Dryer


The award-winning AEG T8DSC869C will give your clothes unparalleled protection. The Absolute Care system tailors the drum movement and temperature to perfectly suit each individual garment you choose to dry. AEG’s soft ProTex drum and SensiDry technology ensure that your clothes are not over-dried and tangled. The industry-leading A+++ energy efficiency rating makes this one of the most economical tumble dryers to run in the world. Get excellent peace of mind with a free 5 year warranty when you buy this appliance from Herne Bay Domestics.

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AEG T8DSC869C Tumble Dryer
A+++ Energy Efficient 8kg Condenser Tumble Dryer with 5 year warranty

The expertly designed AEG T8DSC869C is a condenser tumble dryer, which means that unlike vented models, this dryer can be placed anywhere in your home with absolute ease.

It features AEG’s stunning new fascia design, with a black door trim and a large glass porthole, making it look amazing wherever it is placed. And comes with a massive 8kg capacity drum, that can cope with the laundry-drying needs of almost any household.

The AEG T8DSC869C has a variety of mind-blowing features

The best thing about this 8000 Series AEG tumble dryer is its unique AbsoluteCare system, which provides bespoke protection for all of your clothes. This system precisely controls the movement of the drum and temperature depending on the garment being dried. For instance, woollens are kept flat against the drum to replicate flat-surface drying- one of the reasons why this excellent tumble dryer is Woolmark certified. You can be sure that even your softest wool sweater will be looked after with this machine.

On the other hand, the outdoor garments are given just the right amount of heat to restore their waterproof membrane to full functionality. This machine ensures that all clothes will retain their quality, look and feel.

A+++ energy efficient condenser tumble dryer

Another great thing about this AEG tumble dryer is its heat pump technology. Hot air is recirculated in the drum, instead of constantly using the heater. This makes the machine a lot more energy efficient, giving it its A+++ energy efficiency rating.

And because it’s an industry-leading appliance for energy efficiency it’s great for the planet as well as your utility bills!

Enjoy the Oko Flow filter system on the AEG T8DSC869C

Whereas conventional tumble dryers have multiple filters, this AEG model has just one. Not cleaning out the filters can lead to reduced energy efficiency. With just one easy-to-clean filter system, this AEG model is more efficient and easier to operate than many other models.

The AEG T8DSC869C has a wide selection of programmes:

  • Cottons
  • Synthetics
  • Mixed
  • Wool
  • Silk
  • Easy Iron
  • Bedlinen
  • Sports
  • Outdoor
  • Duvet

This AEG tumble dryer guarantees perfect drying. Every time.

The AEG T8DSC869C’s ProTex soft drum has been specially designed to look after your clothes. The patterned drum allows your clothes to benefit from being stretched out rather than being tangled together. It also improves airflow.

Take advantage of ProSense technology with the AEG T8DSC869C. Advanced humidity and temperature sensors customise each cycle to finish just as your clothes dry. SensiDry technology is used to gently dry your clothes at almost half the temperature of conventional models. These features combine to dry effectively whilst protecting your clothes.

Buy the AEG T8DSC869C from Herne Bay Domestics and receive a 5 year warranty on parts and labour upon free registration with AEG, giving you excellent peace of mind.

Plus, this AEG tumble dryer is also eligible for Free Delivery and comes with a Price Match Promise, guaranteeing you the cheapest price, at Herne Bay Domestics.

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Weight 49.26 kg
Dimensions W 600 × H 850 × D 600 mm




Condenser / Vented




Energy Rating


Heat Pump


Noise Level

65 dB



Sensor Drying