Siemens extraKlasse WM14N191GB 7kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine – White


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The Siemens WM14N191GB is an innovative washing machine designed to give you great results in as short a time, and using as little energy, as possible. This product will intelligently respond to your needs.

Optional extras


Thorough Clean

The Siemens WM14N191GB uses a sensor-controlled system to determine the best possible wash for your clothes. Measuring the size of your load, it uses the optimum water quantity and cycle time to give you great results. This is made even more efficient with the waterPerfect Plus system, which is excellent for water management.

This product also has a sensoFresh programme, which is great for only slightly soiled clothing that needs to be reworn. A programme ideal for athletes or those with young children, who may need more frequent washes, this effectively removes odours from clothing. This includes sensitive and non-washable fabrics.

Time Saver

Above all, the Siemens WM14T790GB is an incredibly efficient product, in terms of both time and energy. The varioSpeed option speeds up the cycle by up to 65%, saving you tons of time on an average wash. Even better, the super15 option completes a full cycle of wash, rinse and spin in just 15 minutes.

With the innovative Reload Function, you can add items to your washing machine during its cycle. This means you can quickly add in anything you’ve forgotten, rather than having to do another wash.

Energy Saver

Even beyond its impressive A+++ energy rating, the Siemens WM14N191GB has a range of features that keep energy efficient. Thanks to its water management system, this washing machine will keep your utility bills down, and the smart auto programmes work in the same way.

Additional Features

There are a range of features that make the WM14N191GB washing machine particularly easy to use. The iQdrive motor is intelligent and quiet, keeping noise levels to a low.

The digital multitouch Display is accessible and incredibly easy to use.

Additional information

Weight 71.221 kg
Dimensions W 598 × H 848 × D 550 mm




Spin Speed

1400 rpm



Energy Rating


Noise Level Washing

52 dB

Noise Level Spinning

75 dB



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