Cheap Quiet Washing Machine Deals

Brilliant prices on Quiet Washing Machines (55db max wash, 75db max spin)

Cheap Quiet Washing Machine Deals

A quiet washing machine used to be an appliance we could only dream of owning, but thanks to the innovative designers at the top brands, they’ve now became an affordable reality.

Quiet washing machines can be incredibly life changing for light sleepers or families with young children. Because, as you’ll know, it doesn’t take a great amount of noise to ruin an entire nights sleep. And that’s not all, running a noisy washing machine during the day can ruin the enjoyment of watching your favourite TV programmes. Or worse – upset your neighbours.

The bottom line is, life’s noisy enough. And in 2022, you don’t need a washing machine making it noisier.

For many people, buying the quietest washing machine possible is a big priority. And so we have put together this page that lists all the quiet washing machines we sell.

Super Quiet Washing Machines

All the washing machines listed on this page have an average washing noise level of 55 decibels or below, which is said to be the equivalent noise level of the sea. We cannot verify whether or not that’s correct, but we can say, having used these machines, that they are a lot quieter than most others.

You will typically pay more for the extra technology required for a quiet washing machine and they are only going to be available from the top end brands for the time being.

If you’re like us, you’ll agree that the reduction in noise pollution is well worth the investment. Plus, because these washers are all top of the range, they come packed full of features designed to make your life easier, faster and all round better!

So if you’re looking for a quiet running washing machine that won’t ruin your relaxation time, or stop you being able to hear yourself think, check out our wide range of quiet washing machines at Herne Bay Domestics.

Quiet Washing Machines with free delivery

All of the Quiet Washing Machines on this page are available with free delivery within our service area. Including: Canterbury, Whitstable, Faversham, Dover, Birchington on Sea, Deal, Wingham, Sandwich, Herne Bay, Thanet, Ramsgate & more.

Plus, all of our quiet washing machines are backed with a price match promise, meaning you always get the cheapest price on quiet washing machines at Herne Bay Domestics.