TV Size Guide – Learn What Size TV To Get For Your Room

What Size TV To Get For Your Room

Because the ideal TV size is often based on personal preference, there is no correct answer to what size TV you should buy for your home –  however, there are some fairly good pieces of advice we can give you based on the field of view from various distances.

Generally speaking, the further away from the sofa your TV is, the larger your TV should be for optimal viewing experience.And there is a fairly simple mathematical equation you can use to determine the ideal screen size for your home’s set up that we’ll get onto later.

But before we discuss how to pick the right size TV for your room, let’s first look at what the TV’s size actually means. 

How To Measure TV Size

How To Measure TV Size

The TV sizes stated by manufacturers are measured from corner to corner (diagonally) and include the outer frame that’s used to secure the TV screen in place. 

Because of this, you’ll usually find your actual screen size to be around half an inch smaller than the manufacturer stated. This will not make a noticeable difference for most people, but we thought it was worth mentioning as a point of interest. 

Common TV Sizes in UK

TVs come in a wide variety of different sizes, but the most commonly sized TVs for sale in the UK are:

  • 32″ TVs
  • 40″ TVs
  • 43″ TVs
  • 48″ TVs
  • 49″ TVs
  • 50″ TVs
  • 55″ TVs
  • 58″ TVs
  • 65″ TVs
  • 70″ TVs
  • 75″ TVs
  • 77″ TVs
  • 82″ TVs

You will often find TVs at other sizes, but you’ll notice those are the most common. 

How To Pick The Right Size TV For Your Room

How To Pick The Right Size TV For Your Room

The very best way to determine the right sized TV for your room is to measure the distance between your TV and seating area in inches, and then divide that distance by 2. The sum of this equation is your ideal TV size. 

For example, if your TV is 110 inches from your sofa – a 55” TV would be ideal for an optimal viewing experience. 

Using this equation will often give you a fractional size that isn’t available to buy from any TV manufacturer – If this is the case for you, we advise you purchase the nearest size shown on the chart below.

What Is The Best TV Size For Bedroom?

Best TV Size For Bedroom

Measure the distance between the TV and your pillow in inches, then divide that distance by 2 to get the ideal TV size for your bedroom. It’s important that you measure the distance to your pillow, and not the foot of your bed – as the average bed is around 75 inches long. Not taking this into account would result in you getting a TV that’s far too small for your bedroom.

TV Sizes Chart

TV SizeDistance From TV
32″ TV64″ from TV
40″ TV80″ from TV
43″ TV86″ from TV
48″ TV96″ from TV
49″ TV98″ from TV
50″ TV100″ from TV
55″ TV110″ from TV
58″ TV116″ from TV
65″ TV130″ from TV
70″ TV140″ from TV
75″ TV150″ from TV
77″ TV154″ from TV
82″ TV164″ from TV

TV Size For Room Calculator

Distance From TV

Recommended TV Size

TV Sizes in CM

We also thought it might be beneficial for some of you who are more familiar with the metric system to see how large the TVs that are listed in inches are in centimetres. See below table for  metric system conversions.

TV Size In InchesTV Size In CM
32″ TV81.28 cm
40″ TV101.6 cm
43″ TV109.22 cm
48″ TV121.92 cm
49″ TV124.46 cm
50″ TV127 cm
55″ TV139.7 cm
58″ TV147.32 cm
65″ TV165.1 cm
70″ TV177.8 cm
75″ TV190.5 cm
77″ TV195.58 cm
82″ TV208.28 cm

Have A Question?

If you have any questions about TV sizes, feel free to ask them in the comments below and we’ll get back to you with an answer.

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