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Washing Machine Drum Not Spinning? This Could Be The Problem

Washing Machine Drum Not Spinning
Washing Machines

Is your washing machine drum not spinning? If so, it may be worth checking your machine for these 2 common causes before calling out an engineer.

Sometimes there can be an easy solution when your washing machine drum won’t spin, so give these a go first.

Do you have a blocked outlet pipe?

This is possibly the most common reason a washing machine drum will fail to spin.

Because when a washing machine’s outlet pipe gets blocked, the water will not drain away – preventing your cycle from starting.

This will usually be accompanied by a foul smell.

If there is water sitting in your machine and it doesn’t smell very good – there is a good chance your outlet pipe is blocked.

You can unblock your washing machines outlet pipe by following the steps on this website here.

Do you have an overloaded or unbalanced wash load?

Another common issue that causes the washing machine drum not to spin is having an overloaded drum or uneven wash load.

Having an uneven wash load can confuse the washing machine’s sensors and prevent it from turning. Ensure that your wash loads have a variety of items in different sizes and don’t wash lots of large towels in one go.

Also make sure the laundry you have put into your machine does not exceed the weight limit of your washing machine (See the “What size Washing Machine do I need?” post for more details).

Washing machine drum still not turning?

If your washing machine drum is still not turning you may need to call out an engineer to take an expert look at it.

If you are looking for washing machine repairs in Canterbury, give our appliance repairs team a call now on: 01227 361536. We have been repairing washing machines for over 35 years and have repaired hundreds of washing machines throughout our time.

  1. Thanks for the post. Washing machine not spinning is a very common problem. And this can be due to many reasons. I provide Samsung washing machine service and post like these helps us in improving ourselves in this service field. Thanks again.

  2. Thank you for the post. The most common problems faced with washing machine is washer or dryer not spinning and the other common problem is water draining. I am in this field for more than 10 years working in LG service center Chennai and posts like these do help us to learn more. Thanks again.

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