What does frost free mean?

What does frost free mean?
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You may have seen a lot of manufacturers state that their product is “frost free”, but exactly what does frost free mean?

In this article, we are going to explain what frost free is, how it works and what the benefits of having it are.

What does frost free mean?

“Frost free” refrigeration refers to refrigerator units such as fridges and freezers that have built in technology to prevent the build-up of ice, by automatically defrosting itself after a set amount of time.

Older models of freezers would commonly need manually defrosting on a regular bases, which was a seriously time consuming issue to deal with. But with the modern advances in frost free technology, that issue is almost completely eradicated!

Frost free appliances will typically cost a bit more than their non-frost free counterparts, however they are now starting to become more affordable and will likely become an industry standard, based on their popularity and overall performance improvements.

How does frost free work?

Frost free technology actually follows a very similar principle to the common method of manually defrosting your freezer (using bowls of warm water to melt away the ice).

However, frost free freezers do it automatically through the use of a defrost timer, which periodically heats the coils to melt off any ice frozen on them.

The resulting water is then drained down the back into a small pan where it is evaporated away into the ambient air.

The temperature sensor will then shut off the heater once the defrost cycle is complete.

Performing a complete defrost, without you having to lift a finger!

Benefits of frost free

The most obvious benefit of having a frost free freezer is going to be the fact that you will no longer need to defrost your appliance every year. Saving you a lot of time and effort.

Because let’s face it – defrosting your freezer isn’t exactly a pleasant experience.

But there’s also the added benefit that having your freezer free from frost throughout the entire year, means you are going to have a lot of extra space, where non-frost free freezers would have had ice. Giving you more room for your food.

And while we’re on the topic of food, your food will also benefit from the frost free technology, because it’s going to prevent it getting freezer burn, which ruins the texture and taste.

So if this all sounds good and you want to learn more, take a look through our wide variety of Frost Free Freezers, Frost Free Fridges & Frost Free Fridge Freezers online.

We hope you found this helpful and thank you for reading.

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