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What Is A Larder Fridge? & Other FAQs

What Is A Larder Fridge

In this article we are going to explain what a larder fridge is and answer some of the most commonly asked questions about larder fridges online.

What is a larder fridge?

A larder fridge is a fridge that doesn’t have an ice box. This gives you more space to store chilled foods and typically uses less electricity than a conventional fridge. A larder fridge is the ideal solution for people looking to maximise refrigeration space and save money on energy bills.

What is the difference between a fridge and a larder fridge?

The difference between a fridge and a larder fridge is that regular fridges have an ice box at the top of the unit for you to store frozen goods. Larder fridges do not have these – giving you extra room for chilled foods and costing less to run.

What is an integrated larder fridge?

An integrated larder fridge, or built-in larder fridge is a fridge without an icebox that is built into your kitchen. This means it’s hidden away from sight and won’t stand out in your kitchen. Integrated larder fridges will be covered by a door that makes them look like any other cabinet in your kitchen design.

What temperature should a larder fridge be?

The ideal temperature for your larder fridge should be between 1˚C and 4˚C. Keeping your food refrigerated between these temperatures will help you slow down the growth bacteria and prevent foodborne illnesses.

Where is the coldest part of a larder fridge?

Because there is no ice box in a larder fridge, the coldest part is actually the bottom. This is because cold air sinks, and so anything you need to be really cold should be placed lower down in your larder fridge. In most models, the closer to the back you place the item of food, the colder it will be. However, some models of larder fridge are frost free, which means the temperature will be fairly evenly distributed.

Where to buy larder fridge?

You can buy larder fridges from us at Herne Bay Domestics if you live around the Canterbury area. Alternatively you can visit any electrical stores near you and ask to see their range of larder fridges.

If you have any more questions on larder fridges, shoot them over to us on facebook or twitter.

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